Embed 3D plan editors into your website and improve your business

Draw plans with real-time 3D — Furnish and optimize spaces — Save in private cloud — Customize for your business


Introducing SweetHome3D®

SweetHome3D® is an Open-Source plan editor for home design and floor planning. It comes with a real-time 3D viewer and allows the users to generate realistic 3D photographs (ray tracing) and virtual visit videos.

  • Open Source with a strong community.
  • More that 10.000 daily downloads.
  • 15 years of experience in home design, floor planning and other industries.

Thanks to CINCHEO™ and eTeks™, embed SweetHome3D in your own web site, for your own customers!

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Your business first

is designed to fit a wide range of uses including space optimization, showroom design, construction, mechanical engineering...


Embedd into your website or your mobile app. See the examples below to see how SweetHome3D can be used in your web site to edit plan in 2D and visualise 3D in real-time.

Customize / Integrate

Customize for your own requirements. Use your own furniture catalog, customize the buttons, the style and behavior, connect with CRMs and other SaaS APIs.

Master your software

Secure and save the data in your own private server. With our white branding license, develop new features that you fully own (no redistribution needed).


Demos for typical use cases

Please go to the online demo server and use it for free here

Personal housing

Allow architects, professionals and end users to design easily their future homes

Retailing and museums

Allow your users to experience 3D shopping and museums visits directly on your web site

Floor planing

Allow professionals to organize complex spaces such as offices, malls, hotels, exposition centers...

Exterior design

Allow professionals and home owners to create inspiring gardens and outdoor areas


Choose your plan


Available for free here


Your free server, under GPL, to be installed

White branding

Your own server with your own brand and enhancements
Setup + support/maintenance assistance
Training / advising
Specific development (upon quotes)
White branding
Close-source code modification

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CINCHEO™ is an exclusive partner of eTeks™, the creator of SweetHome3D®.
For SweetHome3D Online, please contact us directly at info@cincheo.com